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Best Lawyer in Bakersfield

After 30 years of working with scores of attorneys, I have seen and witnessed many of them in the courtroom. We hired Michael to handle a high-conflict family law matter based on his reputation as an aggressive advocate. We were not disappointed! After years of poor representation my wife finally found a litigator that wasn’t more focused on being friendly and splitting the baby. Our case was complex and he was extremely prepared and engaged. If you are looking for a bulldog, this is your man.

Lorin, August 20, 2019

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Fights For Justice

He did a great job protecting my children from a very ineffective minors counsel, a gender biased judge, and a completely dysfunctional family law court system. He was very highly recommended by attorneys Klink and Rubio.

He is tough and will not back down from fighting for justice when he believes it must prevail. There were a lot of other issues besides the child custody. There was real estate matters that were very complicated and he handled them like a champion. Mr. kilpatrick is a good family law attorney, especially when there’s children involved.

Winda, March 16, 2012